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OPIUSGOLD is designed to be your trusted partner. Our expertise is meant to help you full circle, so that you can build a profitable business you enjoy.

We are a B2B Agency and we have done-for-you solutions to increase your profitability. We can help you with client acquisition, sales and business automation.

You'll be a part of a very collaborative process and won't be  missing out on important directions, ideas, and feedback. As your Partner, we take your brand from conception, setup and to growing online. We are here to help you thrive.


Think of your company as a person. and the connection with customers must be done authentically. We help to set yourself up with a successful brand from your mission, vision, and values. Our team has expanded to include business management services and all aspects of customer outreach project management.


  • Creative Design

    Brand identity / Website development
    Marketing collateral / eCommerce Website Design

  • Project Management

    Google Ads Management / Local Business Listing Optimization/ Bookkeeping / Payroll/ Staffing / Payment Processing/

  • Marketing Strategy

    Sales outreach / Business automation
    Customer retention / Lead Generation / Email Marketing

  • Business Capital

    Term Loan / SBA Loan / Unsecured Working Capital / Business Line Of Credit / Accounts Receivable Financing / Equipment Financing / Commercial Property / Micro Loans / Start-up Personal Loan

Business Contingency Solutions

If you're the proud owner of a long-standing business with a solid credit history, we have the solution to unlock project funding success that can provide you with a multitude of benefits:

  • Bridge the gap of slow paying customers.
  • Ensure you don’t eat into savings amidst cash flow struggles.
  • Expand and upgrade facilities, purchase or replace damaged equipment.
  • Create new marketing materials, purchase inventory, improve your services.
  • Avoid debt if you need to pay unexpected or unavoidable bills.